Cornfed - Pre Made Cover
  • Cornfed - Pre Made Cover

    THIS IS A PRE-MADE BOOK COVER (ebook + full wrap)
    Full wrap will be created upon purchase w/ input from Buyer.


    Purchase Terms: 

    Upon payment the Buyer shall receive the jpg file of the pre-made cover and the cover shall be removed from the site.


    Upon purchase BUYER MUST fill out this form: in order to obtain the edits necessary to finalize the cover. Included in the purchase are a change in title and author name. If Buyer does not receive a response within 2 business days of purchase and filling out the form, Buyer should email or fill out the contact form on this website immediately so that Bruiser Designs can ensure that Buyer's edits are made in a timely manner.


    Additional edits can be made. Small edits shall be $20 per change; Large edits shall be $40 per change. It is within Bruiser Designs' sole discretion as to whether the change is large or small. Buyer will not receive a psd or other layered file and understands that he/she has no right to such a file.


    Seller warrants that it has obtained cover art legally through license or otherwise but if cover art is licensed, Buyer is limited to the same limits. Seller shall provide such information to Buyer upon request.